VisionLink For Machines

VisionLink is a state-of-the-art, online service utilizing advanced GPS and cellular-based technology to monitor, collect and display operational data for heavy equipment machines and power systems. VisionLink provides customers with the data necessary to make informed decisions, proactively detect minor problems before they escalate into costlier repair issues and implement equipment management processes.

Designed for maximum ease of use, even when implementing a remote equipment monitoring application for the first time, VisionLink helps businesses ensure all equipment is available and operating at maximum efficiency. Conveniently accessible and easy-to-use, the service allows customers to easily group equipment, monitor fuel levels and burn, locate machines, detect fault codes, monitor utilization, and track equipment availability and location. From the ground up, VisionLink is designed to help users get the most from their machines so they can make the most of their business.

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VisionLink Subscription Plans

Data takes the guesswork out of managing your assets and controlling costs. Click on the links below to learn more about each of the four available VisionLink subscription plans and to discover which best fits your business and your bottom line.

Connect ConnectPro Performance PerformancePro

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How Does VisionLink Work?

VisionLink makes use of data collection hardware called Product Link™ installed on your Cat® machine. Product Link accumulates a variety of data and telemetry information about your machine, including its total hours of operation, fuel consumption and overall condition. By accessing the VisionLink application via any internet connection, you can get real-time updates and insights on the health of your machine. When you’re on the go, you can also receive alerts via email or SMS text messaging.

Total Heavy Equipment Fleet Management

Equipment management is about managing your entire fleet, not only single machines one by one. VisionLink has been re-engineered and designed to make it possible to manage an entire fleet of connected machines, both Cat and non-Cat brands, in one centralized platform. This is achieved by installing a Product Link device, or through retrieving data directly from different original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or a third-party telematics provider via Application Programming Interface (API) integration.

The Benefits of VisionLink

In addition to providing early detection of potential maintenance issues, VisionLink makes it easy and convenient to:

  • Control Costs. Schedule routine machine preventative maintenance and prioritized updates and repairs.
  • Manage People. Benefit from the VisionLink manpower-monitoring features with training and workflow opportunities to improve operator efficiency.
  • Improve Operations. Limit lost productivity due to unexpected downtime; increase uptime and payloads and improve operator performance.
  • Reduce Risk. Geofencing capabilities ensure equipment is safe and always where you expect it to be with GPS tracking to pinpoint the exact location of your machines at all times.
  • Increased Productivity. Access to historical and real-time data to monitor performance with a variety of customizable and informative reports and metrics detailing machine use and condition.

VisionLink makes it possible to remotely monitor key equipment vital signs, providing detailed performance reports and helping you identify potential service issues before they result in downtime in the middle of important projects and jobs.

Put the Cat VisionLink App to Work for You

With the newly re-designed VisionLink service and new VisionLink app, your machine data is right at your fingertips at a moment’s notice when timing is critical and operations cannot wait. Get machine and fleet insights in the palm of your hand from anywhere.

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