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Paving roads is never a one-step process. Cat® Paving machines not only boost your productivity levels, making you more efficient, but also increase your bottom line and help you complete more jobs. If you’re in need of pre-paving as well as paving equipment, Warren CAT delivers an inventory of new Cat equipment ready for your most challenging projects.

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Your Partnership With Warren CAT

Whether you need a motor grader, asphalt paver or an entire line of paving machines, our experts are ready to support you each step of the way. As an authorized Cat dealership for industries in Oklahoma, West Texas and the Texas Panhandle, we have all the new machines with the durability, dependability and modern technology you expect to keep your business running fast, safe and productive. Paving a road, bridge, parking lot or other area requires precise and level solutions that are also tough enough to withstand years of use. For the most accurate results, you will need to rely on both pre-paving and paving machines for different tasks.

We also want to build a long-term relationship with you, to satisfy your current needs and on into the future. You can trust our expertise as we work hard to find practical solutions for you that fit your budget, application and environment.

Pre-Paving / Dirt Work

Before you begin with the actual asphalt process, you need to make sure the ground you’re working with is level and compact.

  • Motor graders: The purpose of a motor grader is to grade or level material such as dirt or stone.
  • Road reclaimers: A road reclaimer can crush a layer of asphalt while mixing it with the base below to create a stable roadway.
  • Skid steer loaders: Using a skid steer can help you transport materials and it is versatile enough to handle many attachments for other jobs like excavation and grading.
  • Soil compactors: Implementing a soil compactor to the pre-paving process eliminates air from the dirt and creates a solid and compact foundation via applied force.
  • Wheel loaders: Wheel loaders move massive quantities of materials and are ideal to transfer resources to trucks, stockpiles or other sites.
  • Wheel tractor-scrapers: With a sharp front edge, this machine can cut into the soil and place it in a moveable hopper.

Paving Products

After you complete the pre-paving phase of leveling the ground, you can apply our paving engines to form smooth and sturdy asphalt.

  • Asphalt pavers: An asphalt paver lays asphalt while providing minor compaction before a roller.
  • Cold planers: Use a cold planer to remove part of an asphalt surface if you’re redoing an area for a level and smooth surface.
  • Compactors: During the paving stage, a compactor compresses asphalt to remove air.
  • Tack trailer: Our tack trailers apply even layers of asphalt emulsions during the finishing process.
  • Remixing transfer vehicle: The machine delivers mixed materials and has storage.
  • Commercial paver: A paver adds versatility to commercial paving jobs.

Advantages of Buying Cat Paving Equipment

When you need asphalt equipment for your operations, rely on the international leader in heavy equipment. Cat continuously reinvents their machines, improving design and technology in order to better serve your business. With their line of paving equipment, you can level, compact and lay asphalt for even and smooth roads, sidewalks, bridges and parking lots. And Warren CAT stands behind every solution to make sure you get the most out of your machines.

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